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Andy Butler

The son of an electrical engineer, Andy Butler was bought up within a very physical yet practical background.

From an early age he has always challenged himself, previous conceptions and methods and is always looking for ways to improve and to be the best at what he does.

Andy joined the Royal Marines after finishing studying law, and after an eventful career serving operationally all around the world, decided to pursue a different career in Property Developing.

Having developed a reputation for himself with his own unique Developments in the Cotswolds, he was approached by a number of selected private clients to run their projects for them in the same successful way as his own, and hence Llama Developments was born in 1997.

After working for many years purely in The Cotswolds, he decided to move the Llama Developments Head Office to Cheshire where he had owned property for a number of years.

Andy has travelled extensively throughout the world and has worked on projects as far afield as Europe and North America.

Andy likes to push himself both in his work and leisure time. He is an Arctic and Ski Instructor as well as completing many famous, multi disipline events such as Iron Man Triathalons, Eco Challenges & Ultra Distance races including the infamous Marathon des Sables in record time.

I am blessed to work in such a creative and yet physical industry that I love. The team I have created are like my family, and it is a pleasure to have them work for me. I constantly strive to perfect and improve on every aspect of my life, especially when it comes to Llama Developments. Creating beautiful homes for people is a passion of mine & I treat each and everyone as if it were my own.

Llama Developments has its own Team of Architects, Planning Consultants, Engineers, Project Managers, Ecologists, Complete Building Teams and Designers capable of every aspect of a Project if required.